The Injustice of Rape as a Weapon of War

Rape is an effective weapon of war. It’s cheaper than ammunition and it achieves the same result: rape indirectly kills a culture.

Rape terrorizes women and children, those who violence is least likely to touch during war. Rape by soldiers is like a crushing force, keeping citizens of a culture in line, with no where left to turn. Sometimes rape is perpetuated by the people sent to help countries in need. They take advantage of extremely vulnerable people when they should be helping and providing aid.

Rape is an impurity to a culture, long after a war ends. Children of rape in this context create a blended culture, and serve as a reminder of past conflict.

Rape as a weapon of war doesn’t stem from soldiers themselves. It begins with an army culture that dismisses rape as acceptable, and sometimes even encourages it. This idea comes from a culture of needing to dominate the enemy, and rape is simply a mechanism to do so.

Punishing the soldiers who rape isn’t enough — it’s like cutting an arm off a beast rather than killing it. A systematic overhaul needs to be done. An anti-rape culture needs to be implemented within armies and aid groups. Like we discussed in class, this isn’t the duty of one nation — it’s everyone’s job to ameliorate this issue. Particularly Western nations because many countries find Western nations to be the most powerful and will follow suit with their decisions.

We need to come together as a collective whole to eliminate rape as a weapon of war.


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